Customer Discovery Platform

Define Your Ideal Profile ,Discover Your Customers, Generate Hyper Targeted List


Leadhunt is tracking millions of companies across the industry throughout the globe using our advanced machine learning and NLP techniques.Build your relevant prospects from our fresh and accurate database, and accelerate the growth of your business.

  • Build lists by Firmographics

    Leadhunt can be used to shortlist the right set of companies using firmographics filters.

  • Build lists by Keywords

    Leadhunt provides list building by keywords to target the companies working in specific domain e.g. saas, artificial intelligence, etc.

  • Build lists by Technology

    Leadhunt tracks more than 800 Technologies that are used by the companies. Use our technology filter along with other filters and derive razer focused company list.

Watchlist company


Target and build your contact database using our custom filters. We provide mutistaged verified contacts to ensure your delivrables.

  • Buildlist By People Profile

    Filter and build the contact list by job function, job levels, job titles and many more.

  • People Across Industry

    Search and Build the contact list accross the industry and localtions, to scale your business global.

  • Multistage Verification

    We apply our multistaged verification process to make our contacts more accurate.

People List Building


Build your list using our list building process and find all email contacts in one click. Bulk Email verification service ensures that your list is clean and properly validated which helps you reducing bounce back and save your hard-earned money and valuable time.

Bulk Email Finding